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Commercial construction project

Commercial construction

Using Endurawood for commercial construction projects

Commercial considerations

Whether your commercial project is a hotel, restaurant, café or public office, building design is one of the main selling points of any business, so commercial properties require the very best construction materials.

Endurawood has been manufactured to meet all relevant international fire standards and has an extremely high slip resistance. This means that whether you apply Endurawood directly to the build for uses such as cladding, or for exterior assets such as decking, you are building with safety at the forefront.

As well as safety, commercial properties need to look inviting and must reflect the character of the businesses that inhabit them. In such a competitive market, how will you make your next project stand out from the rest?

Endurawood is available in a huge variety of woodgrain colours that have been inspired by the natural beauty of real wood. From ashy hues to golden oaks, there is a shade suitable for a range of project design requirements. Applying Endurawood to areas of a building can add an attractive focal point, enhancing the overall design.

Often, building design can be spoiled by rust caused from harsh weather conditions. However, aluminium is a naturally corrosion resistant material. This means that the build requires minimal maintenance, helping the design to appear newer for longer.


Using Endurawood in your project

Your commercial project could use Endurawood in many ways. For tidy and attractive outdoor waste disposal areas, Endurawood can be used for privacy enclosures to hide unsightly areas from the public. Outdoor seating areas for bars and restaurants can benefit from slip-resistant and durable outdoor decking. Endurawood can also be used for public handrails and exterior wall battens to give your build an attractive edge over the rest.


Interested in applying Endurawood to your next commercial project? Explore the website to discover more, or request a free sample.