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Modular construction project

Modular construction

Using Endurawood for modular construction projects

Why modular?

Building and construction has swiftly adopted modern methods of construction (MMC) as a vital building technique to produce more homes at a quicker rate.

Modular construction is the method of prefabricating parts of a building, known as modules, in a controlled offsite environment before transporting them to the building site for assembly.

Modular construction is renowned for its quicker completion time. In some cases, projects can be completed up to 50 per cent faster than those made using traditional building methods. This makes modular construction appealing for large projects such as housing developments, student accommodation and classrooms.


Why Endurawood?

Modular builds are considered to be more energy efficient as the modules are bolted together, making them more airtight. Endurawood’s material choice also makes structures more energy efficient. Our products are made from sturdy, marine grade aluminium that boasts the look and feel of natural wood.

Aluminium dissipates heat and can add a thermal efficient layer to the outside of a build. It’s also a light metal, which makes installation and transport easier to complete.

When completing any building and construction project, you want to make sure the finished result is built to last. Providing your customers with a build that requires little maintenance and refurbishments can secure good customer and brand relationships.

Rust is a common problem with metals, which usually require substance treatment to ensure resistance. Contrary to other metals, aluminium reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide. While unnoticeable, this layer of protection means that Endurawood is naturally corrosion resistant, unaffected by harsh weather and will withstand the test of time.

What’s more, Endurawood is coated in an advanced paint technology finish that resists chipping, meaning that your finished build will retain its appearance for years to come.

To help ensure quick completion, Endurawood is simple to install with hidden fasten systems. In addition, the variety of realistic wood effect shades are suitable for all project requirements and design specifications.


Endurawood can make an ideal material for modular construction features such as exterior battens, cladding, railings, soffits and screens. For more information on our building products for modular construction, visit our homepage.