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Residential construction project

Residential construction

Using Endurawood for residential construction projects

Residential requirements

From social housing and small refurbishments to large scale new build developments, each residential construction project must meet specifications and considerations to deliver a safe and stable build for those living in or using it.

Endurawood offers many benefits for residential projects. Firstly, Endurawood products are fire resistant and have been manufactured to meet the relevant international fire standards.

The natural corrosion resistance of aluminium also helps to ensure the build is durable, remaining stable for longer. Structures that contain wood or untreated metals can deteriorate over time because of corrosion from weather, insects or aging. With Endurawood, the stability of a residential build is not compromised by corrosion — helping it remain stronger and sturdier for longer.

Endurawood also offers sustainability advantages. As a widely recycled material, choosing aluminium products that look like wood can help to lower the environmental impact of a building. With climate change becoming a bigger concern among professionals in the industry, investing in a sustainable product such as Endurawood, could help to reduce a project’s overall carbon emissions.

In addition to being recyclable, Endurawood also uses volatile organic compound (VOC) free coatings and lead-free finishes, helping to further reduce the overall carbon footprint from start to finish.  

The natural light weight of aluminium also means Endurawood is easier to manage and there is little difficulty handling and installing the product on site, whether you’re an at home DIY-er or a professional house builder.


Using Endurawood in your project

These benefits mean that Endurawood can be applied to residential projects as exterior wall cladding, as well as in outdoor spaces such as residential decking in gardens and communal areas. It can also be used to provide fencing, a popular feature on new build developments. Endurawood can be purchased for large scale residential projects, or for your own personal use.


To secure quality, safety and sustainability for your residential project, explore our website to find what’s right for you. Alternatively, request your free sample today.